Counselling can help beyond the crisis

Counselling has more to offer you than just in a Crisis – Di Clough

Counselling in a crisis aims to assist a client/s to deal with an immediate situation that has become extremely stressful or intolerable and is affecting day-to-day functioning. This is the most likely time that people decide to come to counselling.

The crisis point is when a situation has become critical and a change of some kind has become necessary. The situation may be a loss, a specific challenge, or sudden change that has not been within your control. It could be for a couple or members of a family, when communication has become extremely negative and resulting in conflict most of the time. Or for an individual when personal discomfort has become distress and is impacting on most areas of their lives. In each case they are no longer able to function as they normally would.

Crisis Counselling can be very effective and release the immediate pressure that has become intolerable – stabilizing the situation, enabling a continuation of a persons day-to-day functioning.

The Counselor is most likely to take a Solution Oriented approach to reduce the immediate crisis and suggest strategies to manage the responses that may arise in the immediate future.

The effectiveness of Crisis Counseling cannot be under-estimated. It is seldom, however, that the maximum benefit can be gained from just one session.

The immediate sense of crisis may be reduced however unless some ongoing change is made, the crisis may reappear, perhaps even in a slightly different form. There is benefit from taking a broader look at other aspects of peoples lives that may be impacted.

Counselling is aimed at creating sustained change that enhances your relationships or your situation. Individuals, couples and families can benefit from discussing some of those topics that are avoided in a safe space, to enable fruitful discussions that liberate the situation.

This does not mean that therapy has to become your new hobby, however you may be looking for ways to develop and improve the way you feel about yourself and your life’s journey. There is an opportunity to enhance your skills, improve your capacity to go forward in the way you want to – the future can have a different outlook.

A counselor can help you identify the most important issues, without judgment and no bias toward a particular destination. This may involve identifying your core values and needs and aligning them with a vision or purpose and giving some consideration what or who your best supports are to achieve this.
A counselor may be able to assist you to recognise a wider range of possibilities and with strategies to empower you enable you to develop the strength to move forward in a direction that seems to fit. This course of action can further develop as you cultivate your life space.

What a great opportunity

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